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Swapna Sundar

Legal Strategist. Author. Ethicist


Legal & IPR Strategy

In a constantly changing world, it is necessary to have strategies that offer the flexibility to course correct, while remaining true to the objectives of your business.


Books & Courses

My books explore contemporary events and the interface between technology and the law. 

I teach courses on law, technology and ethics.


Clinical Trial Ethics

As Member-legal in several ethics committees, and chairperson of one, I work to train and enable capacity building. 


Legal & Policy

I help frame policies for and train members of committees to prevent harassment and abuse of children, women and persons with disabilities. 

As the Legal & Policy Secretary of the TN - AlPC, I also take up issues of public interest

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Scientific Temper and the Spirit of Inquiry towards reform and human progress are the important guiding principles of my life and profession. 

Professional Ethics vitalizes and guides the strategies I put into operation for clients.

I find these principles useful in being fair, courageous and compassionate. Whether I am working on a case, teaching students or training committees, these principles help me to aspire and often empower me to achieve excellence!

What I do

When you are looking for desired outcomes in business or personal life, at times, the law is the only recourse.  My role is not only to provide legal advice and service; rather, I create and implement short- and long-term legal strategies for you and your business. My role as your partner in litigation requires excellence in operations, competency in law, and business fluency. 

How Can I help you?

Its all about finding ways to be useful to different people. Our skills are worthless if we can't find a way to put them to use to help someone get the opportunities they need, or access the resources they require. It is important for us to know which of our skills is the most useful and find the most use for those skills. 


Legal Strategy & Services


Training & Capacity Building


Policy Formulation 



Advocacy & Public Interest

Poverty is not just a lack of money; it is not having the capability to realise one's full potential as a human being.

Amartya Sen

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