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Legal & IPR Strategy

Legal strategy is the process by which lawyers integrate legal actions with anticipated events and reactions to achieve the strategic goals of the litigation. Practically speaking, lawyers consider the desired outcome, the available resources, the expected reactions from the court and the opposing legal team to craft a strategy which would result in the best outcome for the client. In commercial litigation, or litigation relating to families, time taken for case to be resolved is also an important consideration. 

Prior to embarking on a long and potentially costly litigation, the owners or licensees of patents, trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) should consider various issues such as the cost of prosecution, renewal and monitoring of IPR, and the jurisdictional challenges. Of course, a strategically drafted patent application goes a long way in defending it and preventing infringement. R&D 

SMEs in India, lacking the resources to maintain an in-house legal team are especially in need of passionate professionals who understand the special needs of their enterprise, the SME sector and their challenges, and provide solid legal support in multi-dimensional manner that takes care of their contracts, due-diligence measures, compliance auditing and litigation. 


In the evolving economic environment of India, commercial enterprises, social innovators, academic and research institutions and individual inventors must deliberate on their course of action and choose professional resources wisely. Professionals who are fair and ethical, guide processes towards fair and compliant outcomes, choosing alternate mechanisms of dispute resolution where possible.

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