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Legal & Policy

Policies provide the government and organisations with the principle and course of action to achieve their objectives as well as to make them accountable to the stakeholders. Policy frameworks provide the space required to comply fully with legal requirements and the regulatory environment while going further towards the stated goals along ethical lines. 

In many Indian organisations, both private and public, policy frameworks go beyond the legal requirements, but without an in-built implementation and execution component, these policies fail to achieve their objectives. Because policy frameworks are built for and by people, training, capacity building, encouragement and empowerment are essential for all stakeholders. In addition, organisations should be prepared and sufficiently resourced to ensure monitoring of the functioning of the framework, auditing of outcomes, ensuring iterative learning within the organisation, and when systems fail, taking legal and other action promptly and appropriately. 


Drafting policies and frameworks is a collaborative task to be undertaken preferably by experts from outside the organisation, but with support from within at all levels. The goals of such projects should be boldly and clearly stated, so that no stakeholder is under any misapprehension or confusion.

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